Products & Services

Industrial Automation Business

Offering a steady stream of breakthroughs in automation technology contributing to the improvement of productivity in many different industries to meet the needs of the manufacturing industry and other fields like building control, waste management and automated baggage distribution.

Electronics Components Business

Offering products that are indispensable for advanced electronicsm, found in home appliances, mobile, business equipment, as well as vending machines, telecommunication and security systems.

Healthcare Business

Offering innovative medical technologies and products for monitoring and health management. With Omron's competent "Bio-information Sensing" technologies, reliable and effective healthcare devices are guaranteed to enhance any health management regime.

OMRON in Asia Pacific Region

Omron has 3 core businesses in the Asia Pacific region: Industrial Automation Go to link, Electronic Components Go to link and Healthcare Go to link

In addition, Omron has 5 manufacturing plants in the Asia Pacific region.

Omron Automotive Components India PVT Ltd.

Omron Healthcare Manufacturing Vietnam Co.,Ltd

Omron Manufacturing of Indonesia

Omron Automotive Electronics Co. Ltd

Omron Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

OMRON's Corporate Citizenship

"As a responsible member of society, we are determined to contribute to society through both business operations and corporate citizenship activities."

Yoshihito Yamada, President & CEO


Omron Asia Pacific Network


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