Corporate Social Responsibility

OMRON believes in working for the good of society. This core value, established since our founding in 1933, underlies our corporate activities.

We extend this commitment to volunteer work for a wide range of causes. All our employees in APAC – numbering more than 5,200 –are encouraged to take a more active, meaningful role in social responsibility. We work with the disabled, the human rights and labour movement, and numerous environmental initiatives, demonstrating our desire to address societal issues with fairness and integrity.

Together, we draw upon our strengths to build trust and support within the communities that we operate in.


Our green policies serve to create a more responsible, sustainable society. They include reducing CO2 emissions and business wastage, as well as products that help support the environment.

Volunteerism and Sponsorships

OMRON’s commitment to good corporate citizenship drives our volunteer and sponsorship activities. We want to improve the lives of the underprivileged, and give back to the communities where we do business.


We promote community involvement by aligning our values, resources and expertise with the needs of local communities and organisations. We also encourage employees to do their part to contribute in any way.

    Our Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts

    Your Voice, Their World

    Your Voice, Their World

    One-of-a-kind initiative to create the world's largest audio library of poems for the visually impaired.