Our Research

Our R&D efforts continually strengthen our Sensing and Control Technologies. It is a focus that has given us new ways of detecting and extracting data, which are used to produce innovative, intelligent results. So information like movement, facial expressions and location are fed into machines and automatically translated into knowledge, energy and sophisticated actions.

Our Research

The results of our research go far beyond the factory floor. They have allowed us to create intelligent infrastructures, safer roads, smarter healthcare, and sustainable energy.

At OMRON, what we know today will change what we do tomorrow. Because better ideas and technologies will show us better ways to live.

Our Strength in 10 Technological Areas

Sensing & Control + Intelligence Technologies

Extracting needed data from a range of information and processing this in a more intelligent way to create greater value.

  • Sensing Technology
  • Power Electronics Technology
  • Control Technology
  • Systems Intelligence Technology

Utilisation of Open Technologies

Creating original technological innovations through collaborative development, utilising open technologies.

  • Network Technology
  • Embedded Technology

Methodology and Facility Technologies

Methodology and facilities designed to realise greater productivity.

  • Materials and Methods
  • Equipment and Processes

Development of Efficiency Enhancement

Through innovations in development processes, we aim to greatly enhance technology development efficiency to create new products with greater speed.

  • Digital Engineering
  • CMO Method and Development Process