At OMRON, we believe that people are the heart of our business. That is why we invest heavily in the development of our employees. The time, effort and resources constantly spent on the development and training of our staff ensure that they enjoy a career – and not just a job.

To foster innovation and growth, we provide a vibrant, open-minded, and flexible working environment. By doing so, we make our office days fun, engaging, and meaningful.

Janice Lim

“OMRON’s strong innovation culture is seen in our global sharing initiatives, where colleagues all over the world share their ideas and creativity. They add to the ample learning opportunities that I’ve enjoyed here. Thus giving me the chance to explore different job functions and to develop myself professionally and personally.”

  • Janice Lim, Assistant HR Manager
  • Singapore / Management Centre of Asia Pacific
Ms. Fenita Enggraini

“OMRON’s values never fail to impress and inspire me. I firmly embrace our culture of creating innovations for the good of society. This ethos is celebrated in The OMRON Global Awards, where we reward co-workers who have incorporated our corporate principles into their work and lives.”

  • Ms. Fenita Enggraini, Acting Production Section Manager
  • Indonesia / Manufacturing